This is the Growens Design Community

The Growens Design Community is the virtual place where we create a human-centered design culture & practice across the board, by leveraging our diverse backgrounds.

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Product Design Manager, Beefree
UX Designer, Beefree
Graphic Designer, Beefree

Design at Growens has the shape of a community

The Growens design community is the sum of designers and non-designers that collaborate at design projects across all group departments and brands.

Illustration showing the disposition of the members within the group
Illustration showing how the brands and touchpoints are managed.

The perfect model for our organization: a flexible framework

Flexible model means that brands have their own personal identity. However, they are all part of the same group: Growens. In fact, they are aligned in terms of guideline, objective and vision.

Our goals as a Design Community

We want to create an environment for designers and non-designers that allows cross-pollination and free exchange, in a way that is associative and non-hierarchical. We welcome people that work in or with the same competence field and want to grow together.

  • Learn and grow

    We share knowledge through internal trainings about design topics and a design archive.

  • Reach out to people, ask and share

    We meet and grow together through fun & enriching activities, such as Breakfast & Learn sessions.

  • Build relationships

    We communicate constantly and meet often to foster a sense of belonging and build stronger relationships.

  • Do good to the group

    Creating a Method bank in our Intranet that includes the basis of design theory and practical examples.

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