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The Growens website is the place where to explore the Group's identity, history, performance and culture, and where to keep up to date with the latest news.

Project Start



Pattern Library



Tech stack

Wordpress, Figma

What’s the current status?

In late 2020, we decided to document all the components in order to improve the consistency of the website. Since than, Growens had a name rebranding (from MailUp Group to Growens) and components, designer tools and pages were added or changed. We have updated the Pattern Library at its latest version and we are currently monitoring its state with all stakeholders involved.

What we have done


Style Guideline definition for the Group.


Creation of a Pattern Inventory and first iteration of Pattern Library.


Delivery to stakeholders and monitoring changes to the current website.


Second Pattern Library iteration with rebranding and testing.

Organizing chaos: the Pattern Inventory

We started off by documenting all elements that were on the website and listing their properties with comments that helped us categorizing them and understanding what was needed to be done in order to define a coherent visual aspect.
The Pattern Inventory helped us to organize the chaos of having multiple variations of the same element and put down the foundations of the Pattern Library.

Building elements in the Pattern Library

This processs gave us the opportunity to have a look at the entire ecosystem and improve the overall aspect of the Growens website.
For the Pattern Library, some elements were simply taken as they were while others were adjusted in order to meet users needs. One in particular, was the Radio Button that was slightly changed since user couldn’t understand if it was selected or not.

Documenting the final result

Each element made in the Pattern Library was documented on their properties, behaviour and variations. This helped us to achieve the goal of having and maintaining consistence interfaces throught time, since we need to communicate our work to an external agency.

Want to know more about the Growens website project?

We adopt a full-transparent approach and we let all the designers access, take inspiration and even duplicate our Pattern library. We are not afraid of duplicated components and layers called “Rectangle 4920”. Every designer does that, just a few admit it.

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