One solution doesn’t fit all.

Growens is home to 4 brands varying in team size, products, growth rate and goals. This is why applying one Design System approach and expecting consistent results won't work.

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Explore the specifics of each brand's Design Systems

Growens has several brands each indipendently created. Every Design system was created in order to solve a different problem in a different context: some were created in a very mature context, others are aimed at speeding up design processes and foster design maturity. However, all Design Systems follow the same guidelines and vision as defined by the Group.

Agile Telecom

Agile Telecom as an outright wholesale SMS factory, the telecom provider (OLO Other Licensed Operator) offers SMS delivery for both promotional and transactional messages: One-Time Password/ Notifications/ Alerts etc.


Agile Telecom's website is the place where the customer can discover all about the company's identity, history, performances and culture


Beefree provides no-code design tools that empower everyone to quickly create content that resonates. Beefree’s visual builders are used to design emails, landing pages, one-page sites, and more.


Beefree is a quick, collaborative, friendly design suite to create emails and landing pages to be used anywhere.

Beefree SDK

Beefree SDK is an embeddable drag and drop visual builder for crafting beautiful emails, landing pages, and popups fast and easily. Use it for marketing, newsletters, educational materials, and anywhere else you need to create content with style.

Beefree Website

Beefree Website has the goal to describe the two products mentioned above. It allows users to navigate through the features and let users try the Beefree builder for free.


Growens is an integrated industrial group that creates technologies for predictive marketing, mobile messaging and content creation, meant for organisations wishing to communicate effectively with their customers.


The Growens website is the place where to explore the Group's identity, history, performance and culture, and where to keep up to date with the latest news.

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