This is Orchestra, the Growens Design System ecosystem

Orchestra is a family of independent design systems belonging to the brands of the Growens group. They share a common vision and guiding principles.

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Growens BRANDS
Growens is an integrated industrial group that creates technologies for predictive marketing, mobile messaging and content creation, meant for organisations wishing to communicate effectively with their customers.
BEE provides no-code design tools that empower everyone to quickly create content that resonates. BEE’s visual builders are used to design emails, landing pages, one-page sites, and more.
Agile Telecom optimizes large SMS volumes for mobile network operators & SMS aggregators, thanks to a deep market knowledge and to proprietary, tried-and-tested technology solutions.
what is orchestra?

We tuned the Design System to each brand's specific needs.

Each brand of the Growens group is unique and has specific design needs. This is why one solution can't fit all the digital touchpoints. Depending on the business context, the Design System must adapt flexibly and accordingly.

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Why did we create Orchestra?

We always aim at improving the overall design maturity. By crafting Orchestra, we want to improve the scalability, consistency and time-to-market of our products.


Different instruments with the same harmony.

We have principles for our design work that transcend cultures and individuals. The Design Systems included in Orchestra are inspired by these principles in order to have a concrete impact on the design maturity and workflow.

  • Collaborate

    broadly and deeply,
    partnering better

  • Coordinate

    efforts across projects,
    LOBs, and channels

  • Prioritize

    the moments that
    maximize impact

  • Measure

    measure the impact of our work, both for humans and for the business

  • Understand

    collaboratively the human context before working on it


We shaped one score to orchestrate
multiple Business Units and different Design Systems

A flexible approach enables our brands to craft their unique Design Systems freely. Each Design System works independently while sharing the same brand guidelines with other Design Systems within the brand.

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How the project changed the band

In a handful of years, we shaped a new approach for Design Systems and created new assets for our brands.

Design tools
Style guides
Design tools
Style guides

Brand resource center

Now that you've had a hint of the melody, explore the brand guidelines and assets to fully enjoy the sound of Orchestra.

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At Growens, designers are part of a diverse Design Community, here rocking a bodystorming class.